A Vision for Hornsey Town Hall


Hornsey Town Hall, a Grade II* listed building of national importance, was never simply a set of municipal offices. It was designed and built as a public space, a celebration of civic virtues.

Our vision is for a Town Hall as a place of social, cultural and business enterprise. A space which marries creativity, versatility and commercial sustainability with a distinctive heritage and role as civic centrepiece, and a project that seizes the opportunity to create an exceptional arts and cultural centre for the wider North London area.

With an assured understanding of the community, and the right partners, we will combine arts venue, community hub and small business centre – yielding synergies which will safeguard a sustainable model for the long-term:

• A prestigious arts centre with regional impact – a profitable enterprise with curated exhibitions, productions, events and festivals, that meets the potential of the major public spaces within the building.
• A community hub that ensures public access and use, operated to meet the priorities of local stakeholders and the wider community, including the Town Hall Square.
• A micro-business incubator tailored to the needs of the new London economy, offering desk space, studios and workshops.

We will supply a whole-building solution that combines the operation of public spaces with the more flexible spaces to offer a viable model – operators will be offered realistic commercial leases to reinforce financial sustainability.

The restoration will be a practical, cost-effective, and assured basis for the conservation of an increasingly fragile building, that will gain approval and funding from heritage and lottery bodies. A design which embodies flexibility and minimal intervention will avoid costly and high risk transformations of the building and will provide a solution that allows for alternative uses in the long-term.

This will be a project of cultural and economic renewal which continues the conversation with local people, Haringey residents and the wider north London community that began fifteen years ago. A once-in-a-generation transformation that will deliver the space and opportunities to meet local aspirations and strengths.

Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company is intended as a vehicle to provide options for the future of the Town Hall. The HTH CIC will be a sound structure for long-term stewardship and ownership, designed to meet the demand for long-term financial sustainability and to assure the renovation of the building. It will be consistent with the requirements of stakeholders – developers, leaseholders, the community, London Borough of Haringey and Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust, and Historic England.

We have recently published a set of guiding principles as articulated by the community and they can be found here.

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