Webcast of Cabinet Meeting – Tuesday Oct 18

Here’s the link to the webcast from Tuesday evening. Clifford Tibber presenting HTHAS deputation to Cabinet with supporting roles from Ivan Henshell and Chris Currer.

HTHAS deputation address starts around 00.05.40 (duration 3 minutes) followed by questions and comments from Haringey councillors ending around 01.17.09: WEBCAST


2 Replies to “Webcast of Cabinet Meeting – Tuesday Oct 18”

  1. I watched the recording the day after the debate. Astonished that HTHAS was only allocated 3 minutes to put their case! (This really is an insult.) Especially from the home of democracy: this is how the Council describes its day to day functioning and justifies a £25,600,000 spend on its activities (along with “Support.”) See the most recent edition of Haringey People – the “What We Spend Your Money On” section.

    I felt that Cllr Gideon Bull, given the points he raised and his objection to the FEC bid might have voted against. In fact, the vote was unanimous. Perhaps he didn’t want to be suspended for a further 3 months from the Labour Party as per his objection to the Council closing day care centres for those with Altzheimers and Autism earlier this year.

  2. Just for clarity, Cllr Bull is a back bench councillor and was there asking questions about the recommendation to prepare contracts to sell HTH to FEC. The only councillors who could vote were the Cabinet members. For some reason they decided to hold the vote behind closed doors.

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