The Planning Officers’ report is now available online. It details their recommendations and conditions for approval.

It’s 106 pages long.

Don’t be discouraged, much of it is self-referential (by which we mean “as in Section 1, Subsection 19, Paragraph g, Sub-paragraph 112”). Not poking fun, this is the way these things are. So not as hard going as 106 pages might seem.

There’s also a list of supporting documents published (including a new viability report).

Among the so-far noted elements (not all by us, but useful signposts) are:

  • anything to do with the viability report (yes we’re reading it);
  • the justification for the seven-storey development (Avenue Road);
  • and the curfew – it’s 11PM every day all year. Yes, there is scope for exceptions but… still thinking about what this means for weddings (when’s the last time anyone went to a wedding where everyone is told to go home at 11PM?), Silent Disco, Secret Cinema, New Year’s Eve (10PM?), Crouch End Festival…

Here’s the link to the main report, have a boo:

Officers’ Report

And the supporting documents are here:

Supporting Documents

Any and all forensic stuff welcome, as always. There are only a few days before the Planning Sub-Committee meets and so only a few days for everyone to make themselves familiar with the new elements of the proposal.