The OJEU Process

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) is the primary mechanism for procuring services throughout the EU. The process itself is designed to give all service providers the same right to bid for contracts in any EU member state.

For purposes of the disposal of HTH, there are some very specific steps that the OJEU process requires. Namely:

  • Stage One is the “Prior Information Notice” or PIN, which serves to alert prospective bidders of a forthcoming opportunity. The PIN for the procurement of a development partner to deliver the regeneration of the Hornsey Town Hall site was posted on 9th October 2015
  • Stage Two is the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire or PQQ, which is the stage at which bidders provide the contracting entity with proof that they are capable of fulfilling the terms of the contract
  • Stage Three is where the bidders are whittled down/weeded out until only the most likely candidates are left.
  • Stage Four is where (in this case) negotiation around specifics begins and the contracting entity (LBH) further refines their assessment of the tenders.

Since HTHCIC applied to be on the register of interested parties in the procurement process, we hope and expect that developers will be in contact when the OJEU process officially launches (expected early November 2015) to discuss if it is possible to work together.

HTHCIC will act as an umbrella body championing the views of the community around community use, access, governance and ownership of Hornsey Town Hall.

More details about the expected OJEU timetable can be read here.

Players in the OJEU process

London Borough of Haringey are the owners of the town hall site and are responsible for the disposal process and procuring the development partner.

Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust is the independent buildings preservation trust set up in 2007 to promote the regeneration of Hornsey Town Hall and to ensure continuing community access and use. They have entered into a legal agreement with Haringey in order to be a member of the panel that will evaluate developer/operator proposals for long-term, sustainable community use at Hornsey Town Hall.

Update November 2015: The OJEU papers have been published, and we’ve collected them all in a new blog post here


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