The Future of HTH – Public workshop 10th Feb 7-9pm

Hi all

The first stage of the sale process of Hornsey Town Hall is now complete – a long list of 6 developers are through to the 2nd round. Read more about the sale process here.

Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company (the vehicle set up for this purpose by Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society) has had introductory conversations with some of these developers and is expecting to hear from others.

Our purpose is to represent the community’s aspirations for the town hall and green in negotiations with developers. The vision is for an arts, performance, community and micro-business hub with long term community governance so they are run for the benefit of the whole community.

At some point, we may choose to back one developer’s bid but not until we’ve agreed with you what our Guiding Principles should be for determining which developer best meets the community’s needs and desires.

Help us with set those Guiding Principles:

  1. Come to a community workshop at the town hall. Hear about what’s happening and what we’re doing, and discuss the draft Guiding Principles.
    Hornsey Town Hall, Wednesday 10th February 7-9pm Book your place now!
  2. Fill in this short survey. It sets out the draft guiding principles which we think developers should be assessed on – have we missed anything and what should our priorities be?


We’re in the endgame – the town hall and green will be sold off by the end of the year. Help us get the best possible future for these wonderful community assets.

Contact us at if you want to get more involved.
Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and Community Interest Company

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