Dear All,

It has come to our attention that a fairly pointed campaign is taking place, emanating from the offices of Cllr Strickland, against HTHAS. We’d like to make the mild assumption that if you signed the petition, you’re a kind-of/sort-of member/supporter of HTHAS so this applies to you too. We don’t usually take such a breezy tone in our posts, but challenging Cllr Strickland has become tiresome, and so we amuse ourselves.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

First came this:

Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society (HTHAS) was set up by a number of residents to challenge the Council’s plans on Hornsey Town Hall in opposition to the work of the community-led Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust

  • HTHAS was not set up in opposition to the work of HTHCT. All of our campaigning has taken as its cue the results of HTHCT’s public consultation – the one where 50% asked for an Arts Centre and community use, and 0.37% suggested a hotel. If anything, we’re championing HTHCT’s own work.

and this

HTHAS….were involved in the rival bid in the Council’s procurement process to find a future operator for the Town Hall. There are therefore not happy at all that the procurement process recommended the other bidder!

  • We were not “involved” in the unsuccessful bid. We met with them, true. We also met with the successful bid. We’re are not “involved” with them either. Assuming that by the words “There are” Cllr Strickland meant “they”re” unhappy, he’s got us there (haha). We are not happy at a hotel solution because the consultations told us no-one wanted one, and it’s our role to defend as far as possible what the community say they want.

Then came this

I am aware that Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society were involved in the unsuccessful bid and therefore have a clear interest in one proposal over another, but the Council’s role is to take a fair view.

  • Cllr Strickland makes three points here: firstly that we were “involved” in the unsuccessful bid (again); secondly that we have a “clear interest” in one bid v another; and thirdly that Council’s role is to take a fair view – implying that others do not. The first point we address above. The second is a veiled suggestion that we have something to gain. This is both untrue and offensive, and should be retracted. Third, that only Council take a fair view…presumably that means the rest of us do not/cannot?

And most lately this

I would ask you not to listen to the propaganda from Dave Winskill and the Appreciation Society, which I hardly need to tell you is not accurate.

  • That’s dismissive to the point of sneering. Also needs retraction.

And this

That’s why I will not be agreeing to demands from a Lib Dem campaign group for a month’s delay. It serves no purpose  and is driven by party politics

  • We hope everyone can understand reasonable people from across the political spectrum joining together in common cause. The truth is, personally, I don’t know most of the others members’ political affiliations. Never asked. Don’t care. Not the point. Out here in the community, it doesn’t usually count for much.

We wonder whether the rest of Council is happy to have Cllr Strickland speak on their behalf in this manner.

Here are copies of the actual emails:

Email from Cllr Strickland to Cllr Hearn – copied to Cllrs Doron, Arthur, Elliot, Mann, Jogee, Weston, Sahota, Gallagher, Kober, Catherine West MP, Mayor Sadiq Khan, Joanne McCartney GLA

Email from Cllr Strickland to Cllr Ejiofor

And, of course, here’s the petition: 38Degrees Petition