Save Hornsey Town Hall campaign asks to be added to the Haringey schedule of interested parties

As part of the OJEU procurement process being used to dispose of Hornsey Town Hall to developers, Haringey is setting up a schedule of ‘interested organisations’. It is expected that developers bidding for the Hall, Square and Car Park will contact some of the organisations on the list to discuss a co-operative approach to refurbishing and running the Town Hall. The text below is the pitch put forward by Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company to gain the attention of developers.

In the meantime we continue to believe that Community Asset Transfer is the best way forward – if you agree with us please sign our petition.

Hornsey Town Hall CIC

September 22nd 2015

Re Hornsey Town Hall ‘Information to Bidders’ Schedule

Dear Saheeda,

Please accept our response to your email request of September 9th for information regarding our organisation and its interest in the forthcoming marketing of Hornsey Town Hall through an OJEU procurement process.

With reference to your specific points:

1. We confirm that we would like to be included on the schedule.

2. The name of our organisation is Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company (HTH CIC). Company No. 9734837, incorporated August 2015. Registered address: 5 Elder Avenue, London N8 9TE.

The directors of the company are –

Adrian Essex

Amanda Carrara

Christopher Currer

David Winskill

Mark Afford

Miriam Levin

We are presently building a membership which employs the widespread expertise available in the community and across notable local cultural and business organisations.

3. Please confirm the broad activity of your organisation.

The CIC was founded in response to the current procurement process, and is designed as a vehicle to provide options for long-term governance, administration and ownership for HTH. The Community Interest Statement reads –

The company will operate in the interest of the community of Crouch End – and the surrounding area – by working to secure Hornsey Town Hall as a community asset, to ensure it is owned and operated in the best interest of the community, and continues to provide the community benefit it currently does.”

Our objectives in the current process are:

  1. To act as community champions, an umbrella association through which the aspirations of our many local arts and community groups, and the current tenants of the building, can be met.
  2. To promote a model of ownership and governance consistent with the requirements of stakeholders – developers, leaseholders, the community, London Borough of Haringey and Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust, and Historic England.

4. Please explain your specific interest in HTH.

We want Hornsey Town Hall – a Grade II* listed building of national importance – to evolve into a social, cultural and business hub for the north London area, that recognises its distinctive character and its rôle as civic centrepiece.

With the right partners, we can develop a civic space which combines creativity, versatility and commercial sustainability – a creative solution that grasps this pivotal opportunity for cultural and economic regeneration, and continues the conversation with local people, Haringey residents and the wider north London community that began fifteen years ago.

Evidence for this popular and credible proposal is substantiated through the activities of our partners, such as the Crouch End Festival. The interim operators, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, have become a successful embryonic venture who have exploited the large demand for a small business incubator – and have set a standard for the expectations of the community.

To achieve our ambition we propose to utilise the backing of the community and, subject to negotiation, adopt proven models of community governance and ownership to –

  • be an attractive opportunity for philanthropic partners and heritage funding bodies;
  • offer knowledge of the market for local cultural and small business enterprises, their aspirations and strengths;
  • assure long-term flexible and profitable utilisation of the spaces throughout the building;
  • provide effective management of private, public and voluntary sector leaseholders and partners;
  • be a credible guarantor for future liabilities.

We believe a whole-building solution which combines the operation of the larger public spaces with the more adaptable and versatile spaces elsewhere in the property is more likely to offer a viable and sustainable model.

The restoration of HTH should be a practical and cost-effective project – offering an assured basis for the conservation of an increasingly fragile building, one more likely to gain approval and funding from heritage and lottery bodies. A design which prioritises a flexible outcome is preferred – alternative projects which seek costly transformations of the building are both high risk and detrimental to alternative uses in the future. Our aim is to avoid such risks.

Hornsey Town Hall is a once-in-a-generation development opportunity for Crouch End, with far-reaching potential across the borough and beyond.

5. We confirm that we are happy for our contact details to be shared with others who are on the schedule who may choose to contact us to discuss shared aspirations and potential partnerships.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or require further clarification.

Our regards,

Hornsey Town Hall CIC

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