Request For Information to be Released Prior to Cabinet Decision

HTHAS Request for information to be released prior to Cabinet Oct 18th

October 5th 2016  BY EMAIL

To: Alan Strickland, Jon McGrath
cc: Claire Kober, Jason Arthur, Natan Doron, Sarah Elliott, Catherine West, Joanne McCartney, Liz Sich

Re: Report on the HTH procurement process and recommendation of preferred bidder, for Cabinet October 18th

You will be aware of the wide-spread and growing concerns and substantive questions about the recommended bidder and the process.

These can only be answered by as full a release of details about the bid as possible, and a meaningful engagement with all stakeholders across the community by the council, councillors and the Creative Trust.

HTHAS are currently consulting the thousands of local people on our mailing list.

We are aware that a Cabinet report is currently in preparation, and we request that the following information is made available as the report is published so that the community can reach an informed view on the merits of the officers’ recommendations:

  • Full details of the decision to recommend FEC/Coplan including financial justification
  • Details of the financial benefits Haringey have secured through the sale of the lease
  • Details of all outside consultants and advisers to the process
  • Full details of the historic accrued costs of the disposal that Haringey intends to set against the capital receipt
  • The scoring sheets and accompanying narrative that explains the scores given for all criteria for both FEC/Coplan and Tishman Speyer/Bio Regional
  • A full disclosure of the community use and access offer in both bids
  • Details of any discussions with the winning bidder that Haringey have had about community consultation/engagement/governance
  • A full account of the deliberations and report of the HTH Creative Trust. The community has a right to know what has been decided on their behalf
  • Sight of the confidentiality agreement signed by HTH Creative Trust members involved in the scoring of the CA component of the bids
  • The business plan for a hotel, as contained in the bid, and a reasoned justification for the commercial viability of a hotel of this size in Crouch End, with relevant correspondence and reports of officers, members and consultants
  • The vision and business plan for an arts centre or venue, as contained in the bids
  • All officer and member correspondence in relation to the possible future sale/development of Alexandra Palace to the parties of the same consortium
  • Details of any visits to HTH and Alexandra Palace by FEC/Coplan and LBH Officers
  • Details of safeguards and restrictions contained in the Development Agreement and Lease including clauses on changes of ownership, management, use and control
  • Disclosure and account of the planning strategy and sight of any correspondence for Property service officers/GVA with Haringey planning officers about amendments to the existing planning permission and discussions about all proposed planning applications
  • Further information about the £1 million that the local Councillors say will be invested in Hornsey Library (statement 30th October) to include details of where the money will come from and whether that investment is contingent on the current bid for HTH being successful

Should you require any further details or clarification of these items, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Mark Afford
Karen Partridge
Chris Currer
Miriam Levin
David Winskill
Amanda Carrara


4 Replies to “Request For Information to be Released Prior to Cabinet Decision”

  1. Is the council under any obligation to comply with these requests? What options do we the community have if not? What options do we have even if they do respond yet continue with their chosen path?

    1. The council Labours under the following obligations:
      Moral – they represent us and should keep us informed
      Common decency – These are not unreasonable requests – it is not unreasonable to expect a response
      Openness and transparency – there was a move to make all levels of government open and transparent, I seem to remember Eric Pickles talking about it. If only it hadcome to something.
      OJEU – this is a process which is designed to protect the best interests of the public – one of the ways in which it should do so is by letting us know what the hell is going on.
      Legal – the clincher – there is no legal obligation for the money grubbing bar stewards to make any response whatsoever, so in the absence of morality, common decency, openness and transparency we’ll hear nothing.
      But we could try to reform them. As HTHAS has suggested:
      Write to Crouch End councillors –

      Leader of the council –

      Cabinet member for Housing Regeneration & Planning –

      Feel free to demand the secrecy ends and full details are released
      Request to see the justification for choosing FEC and Coplan
      Demand to see the community use and access offers of the final bidders
      Express your concern about the long term future of the Town Hall
      Insist that the council supports workspace for local businesses

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