3 Replies to “Public Meeting September 12”

  1. Thanks for this. I am sure it will be well attended. Do you know if any representatives of Haringey Council will be present: our local councillors, Claire Kober?



    1. They’ve been invited – as have representatives from Haringey planning department and representatives from FEC – but unclear as yet whether they’ll be attending. Will update the post as/if/when we get confirmation on any of the above.

    2. Why on earth would you want the councillors present. They are in large part responsible for this schemozzle. I recall the CENF AGM at which the cabinet member for finance and the chair of planning turned up unannounced and held the meeting to ransom for an hour with rehashed press releases from the previous 6 months. All of which they have now renounced with their open letter. If they are granted the boon of entry to the room they should be muzzled as they arrive.

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