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Dear All,

Here at HTHAS HQ, we’ve noted the unkind nature of some comments regarding the personal conduct of the Crouch End council representatives.

Please can this stop. Jason, Natan, and Sarah are nice people. They’ve spoken to all of us, engaged with the public as they think best, taken questions, answered challenges. We think they’re wrong but that doesn’t make them bad people.

Questions may and should be asked about what they do – that’s the duty of us as the voting public. Questions are not accusations, though. That distinction deserves care.

So, no vitriol, please?

HTHAS have always tried to be as fact-based as we can while conveying our opinion that they are making a mistake – a mistake, that’s all.

We can disagree while being civil. We can be friends while arguing.

And, with that, happy Christmas all.

3 Replies to “Polite Discussion”

  1. I agree entirely that any abuse levelled at our councillors is entirely unacceptable. They believe that the policy they are pursuing is correct.

    It should be remembered, despite this unfortunate turn of events in the process, that they have an obligation to represent and fight for the views and wishes of the residents in their wards. Nearly 7,000 people have taken the trouble to sign a petition requesting that the course taken by the council vis a vis the preferred FEC / Coplan Consortium bid be reviewed. Despite this there is no indication that our 3 local councillors have veered from the Council’s line on this. Cllr Jogee has made it abundantly clear that no divergence from the stated policy handed down will be tolerated. I would have wished and hoped to see a more balanced stance from our councillors. It may well be too late, I fear, as Haringey Council does what Haringey Council wants to do – irrespective of the views of those who may well have voted for them.

  2. We are all now living a post-trust society as far as politicians are concerned. But it is not just, here in the UK with the Brexiteers mistrusting the political status quo as Trump’s triumph has shown in the US and France might deliver something similar soon. Many politicians can be “nice people” but by and large they have mostly taken the electorate for granted and become careerist interchangeable entities. Personally, I don’t see many politicians having the moral commitment ” …..to represent and fight for the views and wishes of the residents in their wards” once they are voted in. We don’t have to be rude to, or about them, we can vote them out next time. Sadly, as I said, they are virtually all politically interchangeable.

  3. I wonder if anyone , including the councillors, can provide us with a clear rationale and explanation of the consequences of this new ‘deal’. I assume that they have either hidden the ‘good news’ features of the deal or have been completely outfoxed and defeated by the corporation involved. Nice people are often incapable business persons.

    Will the public have access to the green? If not why have the councillors not resigned?
    What were the restrictions imposed concerning design and conservation?
    Why is the number of ‘affordable’ (an insulting term ), or controled rent properties negligible? and so on.

    If such a full and proper explanation is available I should be grateful if I could be pointed in its direction. If it isn’t then clearly the councillors have’nt the slightest understanding of democratic accountability.

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