Planning Docs Dropped

Yesterday, the planning application documents were posted on the Haringey website. We will be wading through them in the coming days and will have much more to report, but if anyone fancies trawling through them, here are the links.

There are four separate links: planning application for Hornsey Town Hall itself; Listed Building Consent for the Broadway Annexe; Listed Building Consent for Hornsey Library; and the Listed Building Consent for Hornsey Town Hall proper.

Hornsey Town Hall

Listed Building Consent – Broadway Annexe

Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Town Hall

Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Library

Haringey have asked that all comments on the planning be filed under the first link (we’ve called “Hornsey Town Hall”) so they don’t miss anything.

3 Replies to “Planning Docs Dropped”

  1. At first glance the architectural aesthetic and contextual aspects of the plans may not be problematic; its the overall commitment and intention to provide a relevant and significant cultural centre for this area of the borough that is important. No amount of wading through the Council’s batch of PDFs will inform us on this

  2. I am shocked to see that the previously proposed 4 affordable homes, that was already far too low has been removed, and this development will offer absolutely zero affordable homes!

  3. This building belongs to the community and not to the corrupt local politicians who are flogging it off to parasite developers. It should be 100% social housing, not just another adornment upon the ghetto of wealth that Crouch End is fast becoming.

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