Welcome to our new page dedicated to all things related to the planning application for Hornsey Town Hall.

We will break the planning application commentaries down into those which relate directly to Town Hall itself, and those which relate to the residential development. Here at HTHAS HQ, we are sensitive to the idea that our mandate is primarily concerned with the operation of Town Hall proper (the arts centre operator, community use, the green space, etc) rather than the scale and scope of the residential development. It is also true, however, that the residential elements are of more visceral concern to those most directly affected by it; there is a permanence to the new build that does not attach to the arts centre. The arts centre can be modified – once the resi is built, it’s there forever.

This page and associated commentary will be updated regularly, not just with our observations but with all the community input we gather.

On, then, to the commentary. We will arrange as follows: