Petition Crosses 5,000 Signatures – More Than Doubles in Wake of Cabinet Vote

The petition we launched barely 10 days ago has seen a remarkable surge since the Cabinet voted to turn Hornsey Town Hall over to be developed into a luxury boutique hotel.

Since Wednesday morning, the petition has exploded from 2,300 signatures to 5,057 at the time of writing.

Clearly there is a depth of feeling out there that many may have underestimated….

2 Replies to “Petition Crosses 5,000 Signatures – More Than Doubles in Wake of Cabinet Vote”

  1. I think the position on the square is in itself a massive issue then of course a “boutique” hotel owned by a Far East consortium doesn’t quite look good in any shape or form.

    Even more puzzling from a rather left wing authority.

    It is so obvious to everyone who lives in Crouch End that it all seems very wrong.

    What happened? How on earth did we end up in this situation?

    Puzzledly yours.



  2. Completely agree with JC -The fact that this decision comes from the Labour representatives adds insult to the injury.

    I wrote to express my protest to these representatives and the response was explaining the decision mainly on financial grounds. The renovation of the building would supposedly cost 10 mln £, which the council doesn’t have. So I immediately thought – would it be possible to crowd fund this? Looking at the number of people who have signed the petition – that is 5000 – if each of us gives 500£, that’s a quarter of the budget. If we do this for 4 years, that’s 10 mln. It maybe too optimistic to hope for that kind of commitment from that many people, but maybe there could be other sources – like charities; or why not some direct funding from the government – the central bank is printing billions of free money these days, it’s called QE; why not give some of these money to Haringey council? And if not the whole 10 mln, why not at least half of the money be public money, having a mixed private-public investment is still better than this tax evading entity they have chosen.

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