OJEU Documents Released

The detail of Haringey Council’s tender exercise were released earlier today.

They seem to go on forever, but to be fair a lot of the information is from prior analysis of the site. Please find below links to the relevant documents. A lot of this is exceedingly technical and a long, hard read but we would suggest the Descriptive Document for a briefer overview of the outlook.

HTH Document Index
index for due diligence

ISDS Vol 1 Tender Instructions
ISDS Vol 2 – Descriptive Document (1)
ISDS01.1 Appendix C – Financial Template
ISDS01.1 Appendix D – Environmental and Sustainability Standards
ISDS01.1 Appendix E – Transparently and Sustainably Sourced Timber TSST Policy
ISDS03 Vol 3 – Cover and Index for legal suite
ISDS03 Vol 3 – Development Agreement
ISDS03 Vol 3 – Draft Lease
ISDS04 Vol 4 – Response forms
PQQ 01 Information Memorandum
PQQ 02 Guidance Notes
PQQ03 Scoring Matrix
PQQ04 Appendix 1 – Bidding Model Details
PQQ05 Appendix 2 – Consortium Member Details
PQQ06 Appendix 3 – Financial Checks
PQQ07 Appendix 4 – Relationship of the Holding Parent Company
PQQ08 Appendix 5.1 – Case Study Summary
PQQ10 Appendix 5.3 – Key challenges
PQQ11 Appendix 5.4 – Start-up Organisations
PQQ12 Appendix 6 – Project Specific Questions
PQQ13 Appendix 7 – Compliance with Equality Legislation
PQQ14 Appendix 8 – Environmental Management
PQQ15 Appendix 9 – Health and Safety
PQQ16 Appendix 10 – Additional Information
PQQ17 Appendix 11 – Declaration
PQQ18 Appendix 12 – Upload Checklist
S4 Ecological Appraisal Report
S5 Japanese Knotweed Treatment Strategy
S10 Archaelogical Desk Based Assessment
S11 Geotechnical Report
S14a Asbestos Register Update Inspection
S14b Environmental – Asbestos Inspection Report for Broadway Annexe
S15 Asbestos Survey Report
S16 Condition Survey Update
S18 Air Quality Assessment
S19 Listed Building and Conservation Area Statement
S20 Emergence Re-Entry Bat Survey

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