Community Consultation – Date and Venue

As the process of signing the legal documents and the preparation of planning application continues apace, there will apparently be a Development Management Forum in early July – a meeting that is designed to give local residents a glimpse at what’s being proposed and an opportunity to suggest/critique the plans as they stand at this point.

From Haringey’s document:

“The Development Management Forum allows the local community to contribute to shaping development proposals and aims to ensure input from local residents on large or difficult proposals for development.”

These are the details as they have been leaked to us by we don’t know who:

Development Management Forum 
Date: 10th July
Time:  7pm
Venue: Earl Haig Hall , 18 Elder Ave, London N8
Site Address: Hornsey Town Hall, The Broadway, London N8 9JJ
Proposal:  Demolition of the Weston Clinic building. Change of use of the Hornsey Town Hall to an apart-hotel, food and beverage uses and community and co-working uses.  The erection of a 7 storey building and a part 5/part 6/part 7 storey building comprising 114 residential units. Change of use of the ground floor of Broadway Annex to food and beverage use and change of use of the first and second floors to residential use comprising 14 units. The erection of a residential mews block to the rear of the Broadway Annex. Landscaping improvements to the public square and open spaces.

Here’s the link to what a Development Management Forum is: LBH DMF

EDIT: We understand the the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum have asked – and rightly so – why this meeting could not take place in Hornsey Town Hall itself…awaiting confirmation of change of venue and back soonest.

FEC Consultation Tomorrow!

A reminder to everyone that FEC are setting up a public consultation booth tomorrow May 20th from 10-4 at Hornsey Town Hall. Here’s the detail on times, etc. as we have it: HTH Drop-In. (There will be another one on Tuesday if you can’t make it).

Do please go along and ask all your questions, and let us know what you think of their plans.

Particular areas for inquiry might be:

  • Hotel use
  • The provision for arts
  • The provision for community uses
  • The treatment of the green and outside spaces
  • Plans for rehousing the workspaces and small business incubator
  • Other likes/dislikes about the scheme…what is missing? What worries you? Anything? Nothing?

The AS will take these comments to FEC and summarise them on this website

The next big milestones are:

  • A full planning application, with accompanying listed building consent proposals, submitted to Haringey in July. You will be able to tell Haringey what you think of these, and we will also make formal representations based on what you tell us and on what our planning, architecture, and legal experts think
  • If and when planning permission is approved, the long lease of the site goes to FEC and work would be expected to begin in the new year

Keep up to date by following HTHAS on the website and on Facebook, tell your friends and neighbours, and help to shape the proposals in these final stages.

This is where the community really gets to say something. Go say it.

FEC Announce Drop-In Sessions

Here are the details, and here are some questions one may want to ask…

First, the details:

Hornsey Town Hall – drop-in session invite

Now, questions that might want some asking:

  • What about the green? Who’s going to advise and inform the community about what happens there?
  • Which rooms in HTH are designated as community space?
  • The Community Use Agreement is not yet signed – what’s the final version going to look like? Basically the same – with the attendant 60% community use stipulations?
  • What about the workspaces?
  • How much of the building proper is going to be a hotel?
  • How is the hotel going to feed into or feed off the arts centre?
  • Are ANA going to be the arts centre operator?
  • When will the works begin?
  • How long will it be closed while renovations are underway? Will it be phased so that, for instance, the Assembly Hall might be unavailable but the Supper Room is?

That’s just off the top of our heads…surely there are many, many more questions that want a bit of an airing.

Winskill in the Ham&High

The Crouch End Ward Councillors were right to remind us (Ham and High, 4 th April) how much we value Hornsey Town Hall. But it’s not just Crouch Enders who are worried about the future of this great resource: it has attracted attention from all over Haringey and many see it as a cultural driver for north London.

Recently, The Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation society met Far Eastern Consortium to hear their plans for the building. FEC were open, engaging and happy to share their immediate plans, the centre piece of which is a 60 room hotel. Sadly, the hotel will displace the small businesses operating at present.

Oddly, after a fifteen month bidding process, there was little detail available about other uses. Public access will be guaranteed and mediated by a Community Use Agreement that is as yet unsigned and doesn’t fully specify the spaces, the uses or offer a formula for community rates. The lease to which it forms part remains secret, withheld from public scrutiny. The green at the front will be “renovated” and access guaranteed.

More worryingly, there is no detail how the non-hotel parts of the building will be financially viable.

Before and during the bidding process, Haringey refused to countenance community ownership via a trust, seeing it as too risky. At a stroke, they cut off access to grants and revenue support for the arts: we now rely on the good will of a few rich Chinese shareholders to help make the arts project viable. Haringey has sold a 130 year lease to FEC in return for a welcome £12m restoration and the unbelievably small capital sum of £3.5 million – about the cost of two houses on neighbouring Weston Park. In return they get the green at the front, the town hall and the car park which comes with planning permission for 120 plus flats.

Valuations suggest that the car park is worth c£25m: so where did the rest go? The cynical among us read this as one of the poorest Boroughs in England underselling a major asset and effectively subsiding one of the world’s largest property developers to build a boutique hotel.

Still, we are where we are and HTHAS wants to work with FEC to develop the best settlement we can for Hornsey Town hall – to maximise arts uses, find space for fledgling businesses, make community access affordable and perhaps improve the social housing offer. Catherine West has been unstinting, calling on Haringey and the developer to work with Hornsey Housing Trust to increase the pathetic amount of affordable and social housing in the scheme. We will work with her to urge the developer to look again at how a CIC or trust could help to make the arts and community uses independent, sustainable and viable.

In their article, the Crouch End Councillors round off by saying they are “… committed to holding both FEC (Crouch End) and the council to account.” They are ideally placed to do so. Cllr Doran is chair of Planning and could insist on a renegotiation of the s106; Cllr Elliott sits on the HTH Creative Trust who helped judge the bids; Cllr Arthur is a senior member the Haringey’s Cabinet that signed off the deal with FEC.

The next time they coming door knocking you might want to ask them exactly what account they will be holding themselves to.

HTHAS Trigger The ACV

HTHAS have triggered the moratorium period granted by the legislation that describes Assets of Community Value (ACV). This gives the community the right to launch and present a bid for Hornsey Town Hall any time ahead of the deadline of 14 September 2017.

We share LBH’s concerns for the best outcome for the Town Hall. However we live in uncertain times and, having done a considerable amount of preparatory assessment, we feel it only sensible to place this community option on the table should FEC decide that circumstances no longer work for them. In many ways, this is an insurance policy.

You will appreciate that, given the huge public support for the AS, we feel rather obliged to help keep all available options open.

We intend meanwhile to contribute as best we can to FEC’s community consultation and project development.

HTH – Update With What We Know

Well, we met with Far East Consortium representatives (the almost-leaseholders and hoteliers) and have the following to report. Their website for the project (  is newly launched and the newly released Community Use Agreement is linked on it.

It’s fair to say we have many questions; also fair to say we all expected we would have many questions at this stage, but their plans don’t seem very advanced.

Lots to talk about, but not much to chew on. Lots of “considering”, not much “absolutely”.

There is as yet

  • no convincing vision to the Arts Centre,
  • no flesh on the community use and access element,
  • no solidity around financial sustainability,
  • only suggestions that the workspaces – 70-odd small businesses, remember – would be rehoused somewhere.

Specifically around the Community Use Agreement – which is intended to specify the access guaranteed for community and creative events inside Hornsey Town Hall: to be honest it’s a pretty vague bit of boilerplate work – even FEC said we wouldn’t be impressed.

From here on, it all depends on how “considering” turns into “absolutely, guaranteed”.

We’re sat at the table – mostly thanks to you – and will be pushing for what the community have told us they want. That’s our job, then. More as we get it.

Have a look at our website for better detail: It’s been a bit of an information vacuum for a while, but now that some form of engagement is on, there will be more and more often.

We want to make sure we represent your views in our meetings with FEC so please let us have your feedback, easy through the website!



Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society