HTH – Planning Consultation Period Extended

Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum (home of all things planning) wrote to ask for an extension to the consultation period; they received the following from Haringey Planning:


Thank you for your email.

In your email you seek for the Council to extend the consultation period on the planning application and application for listed building consent at Hornsey Town Hall (HGY/2017/2220) which was validated on 1st August 2017.

Planning applications must be publicised for a minimum of 21 days (as per statute) and the Council’s own Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Owing to the significance of this application, its timing during the school holidays, the Planning Department agreed to extend the formal consultation period from 21 days (3 weeks) to 35 days (5 weeks). This was considered to strike an appropriate balance between the need to determine planning applications expeditiously whilst also providing the local community time to consider the application.

It should be noted that comments received after this period up until a decision is taken are still taken into account when making the decision. Those that are received prior to the finalising of the committee report will be referred to in the report and those received after this time will be referred to at the planning committee.  This is also set out in our SCI (the SCI can be found here:

As set out in this document it is common on large applications for the applicant to make minor amendments to schemes after submission of schemes often following feedback and comments raised during consultation. We are expecting the applicant to submit some revisions including amendments to the Broadway Mews block to reduce overlooking, some revised flat layouts and supplementary views, viability information and heritage justification. You will all be reconsulted when this information is submitted.

As such I am going to extend the consultation period to 26 September or 14 days from when the additional information is submitted whichever is the later. For now the period will be extended to 26 September on the website.

If you or any other local residents would like to meet with my officers to go through the information then please contact James Hughes to arrange. We have a hard copy that can be viewed in our offices.


Emma Williamson Assistant Director-Planning

Have Crouch End Councillors Found Their Mojo?

Crouch End councillors have today published an open letter to John Connolly (FEC Head of UK Development) raising concerns around the planning application.

It’s pretty good – sounds basically like much of what we’ve been saying for ages. In large part, we could have written it ourselves.

Anyway, here it is in full, saving everyone from having to click through to their site. If you’d like to go there anyway, the link is HERE

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Planning Update – No Social Housing…But Big Money On The Table

No social housing but a massive profit for HTH developers

As you may be aware the developers have now submitted a detailed planning application for the refurbishment of Hornsey Town Hall. If you want to read the full application you can access it here

What we suggest you look at is the HTH Viability Report Jul 2017. You will see that all of the key figures are redacted but we are indebted to opinion8 (and the many others) for instructions as to how to unredact the figures.

If you do you will see that FEC project a profit from the venture of £22.6 million; that there will be No affordable housing and that the benefit to Haringey (other than the restoration of the Town Hall and a small capital receipt) is minimal.

We want your views so that we can accurately represent the views of the people of Haringey. Please post your comments.

We will be scrutinising all the planning documents and will write to you again shortly with a more detailed briefing note

Thank you for your support

We look forward to hearing from you

Planning Docs Dropped

Yesterday, the planning application documents were posted on the Haringey website. We will be wading through them in the coming days and will have much more to report, but if anyone fancies trawling through them, here are the links.

There are four separate links: planning application for Hornsey Town Hall itself; Listed Building Consent for the Broadway Annexe; Listed Building Consent for Hornsey Library; and the Listed Building Consent for Hornsey Town Hall proper.

Hornsey Town Hall

Listed Building Consent – Broadway Annexe

Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Town Hall

Listed Building Consent – Hornsey Library

Haringey have asked that all comments on the planning be filed under the first link (we’ve called “Hornsey Town Hall”) so they don’t miss anything.

£3 500 000

It has come to our attention (via a FOI request) that the total capital receipt Haringey expect to receive for the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall, the Square and Green, and the car park with its residential development potential is…..£3 500 000.

One of the big reasons given for going through the whole OJEU tender process was that Haringey were obliged to do so, given the size of the contract on offer – almost £100 000 000.

Three-and-half million pound seems like a pittance.

FEC Credibility Comes into Question

Far East Consortium (FEC) have had their credibility questioned after last week’s fairly pedestrian development forum meeting in the Earl Haig. It didn’t help that the developers themselves were absent and therefore unable to answer some questions, leaving the architectural firm MAKE to place holding statements in response to many queries.

Concerns around credibility revolved primarily around the last-minute change of mind as regards the hotel use. As one attendee commented, “Wait….on Saturday it was an apart-hotel and by Monday it’s just a hotel-hotel….are they taking this seriously or not?”

With the revelation that planning applications are expected by the 21st July, it seems local residents are not confident that FEC are anywhere near a complete and convincing plan even two years since the OJEU process was launched.

How FEC go about assuaging local concerns will be made clear in the planning application….one hopes.

In addition to which, with the publication of the pre-application planning statement, HTHAS were unable to find a single mention of “arts centre” in their documentation. It seems that HTH has been reclassified as a “community centre” instead, with little in the way of regional interest; indeed FEC have said publicly:

“The use is not considered to be of more than local importance and is considered to be of significance to Crouch End area only. The scheme is principally intended to respond to a local identified need for community and cultural activities.”

Surely the community aspires to more than this?

Winskill in the Ham&High

Reflecting on the DMF, David Winskill has written to the Ham and High …

The eighty people that attended the Hornsey Town Hall Development Control Forum on Monday came with expectations of firm news about the future of the building and uses.

Reports suggest that they were disappointed.

One thing that is sure is that FEC (to whose credit have been more open in the past three months than Haringey in the past three years) are about to apply for an increase from the current generous permission of 123 luxury flats to 144 as well as a 67 room hotel. To squeeze all this in, the rear block will rise to seven floors. All this in a Conservation Area adjacent to a Grade II* gem and with worries about over-looking and car parking. Continue reading