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  1. Hats off to Chris Currer and his helpers for redesigning the website and to Adrian Essex for some first class content.

    Apparently today is the eightieth birthday of Reg Uren’s Horsney Town Hall and it seems strange that its future is about to be opened up to so much uncertainty. The process for a commercial, market driven disposal will start any day day now and there seems to be only the most rudimentary guarantees about community access and use.

    So, anyone with an interest in the future of this wonderful building should sign the petition (button at the top left of the home page) and then find out who their Haringey councillors are ( http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/councillors-and-mps ) and get lobbying for work towards a community asset transfer to be top of the condition list when the building changes hands.

  2. I have only lived in Crouch End for 2 years but in that time it is remarkable how quickly the Town Hall has been populated by all kinds of groups eg Hornsey Dance.com and events eg the Halloween extravaganza having been more or less empty for years.

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