New – HTH Pre-Planning App and Historic England Comments

Here are the latest documents mad available about the planning and the views of (from?) Historic England.

Much has to do with the proposed height of development, the historic features, all as you’d expect.

You’ll be a better reader than us, though, if you can find the words “arts centre” anywhere in here….

HTH Pre-application briefing July 2017

HTH pre app appx 1 Historic England

2 Replies to “New – HTH Pre-Planning App and Historic England Comments”

  1. Ok I had a really good look through the pre application document above and I’m no expert but the things that struck me were on the positive side it appears that all the significant historic spaces including the hall, council chambers, committee rooms and mayors parlour are clearly marked for community use, and of concern is that it appears that in the drawings and images someone has gone to great length to minimise the appearance of the huge 6 and 7 storey blocks to the rear. In one drawing they look similar in height to the town hall and library which surely cannot be the case and in the 3D images there is one where a ridiculously tall tree has been inserted for supposed camouflage plus one where the angle from Weston Park could only obscure the 6 storey building behind the 3 storey victorian houses if one was squatting on the ground! Again i am no expert but these things stand out for me and as a very local resident I am really concerned about the height of block A and B proposed to be erected to the rear of the site. Just take a walk around New River Village if you want to see how high these buildings really can be, not sure how many storeys they are I will count next time am passing. Best wishes to all.

  2. Furthermore I question whether in the view from the Broadway will we actually be able to see the proposed two top storeys of Block A which will rise behind the current roof of the Town Hall? Again, in the 3D image it appears that the angle shown would entail sitting on the ground outside Ingles the Bakers. I may be completely barking here but these are the questions I have. K

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