Meeting in Hornsey Town Hall November 15

You have probably heard by now that the Council’s sale of Hornsey Town Hall and Green has been formally announced with the process scheduled to begin within a fortnight.

Please come to a meeting of community groups, arts organisations, local micro businesses and creatives on Sunday 15th November at Hornsey Town Hall 2.30-4.30pm to help us put together our plan of action.

We set up Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society a few months ago to offer an alternative future for the town hall and green – to bring it into community ownership run for the benefit of the local and wider community, rather than see it sold off to a private developer. The council has rejected all our attempts to discuss this with them so we are moving on to a Plan B.

Plan B is to have the same discussion with prospective developers. We want to deliver the community’s vision for the building, and to be the partner of choice to take on the ownership and operate it by and for the community, while the developer gets on with the building of the new housing on the car park to the rear of the site.

In order to be in this position, we can’t possibly say that we represent the community without the buy in and support of organisations like yours. We would very much like to discuss our ideas with you and get your feedback on how we can present a united community front.

You don’t need to know anything about owning or managing a community asset to be part of the discussion – we want to use this meeting as an opportunity to put together an umbrella group, with clearly articulated aims and aspirations for the town hall and green.

We very much hope for a better future for this wonderful building and the open space in front of it, than privatised, commercial space. Please help us to make this a reality.

Please RSVP as soon as you can so we can gauge numbers – and feel free to suggest other arts groups to us, this is an inclusive project.

Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society

3 Replies to “Meeting in Hornsey Town Hall November 15”

    1. Hi. Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre is operated and managed by ANA Arts Projects Ltd. Essentially, HTHAC is their arts project.

      HTHAS is a collection of local residents concerned about future community and creative use of the Town Hall. While we (and we think most people) like what ANA are doing, there is no relationship between HTHAS and ANA.

  1. Haringey seems dead set on turning itself into a property developer. Even the Civic Centre is up for grabs.

    According to architects’ journal BD Online, Haringey Council is currently looking for a developer to jointly build 5,000 homes and redevelop more than 20 sites across the borough.

    Among the sites up for grabs are the council’s main nine-storey office in Wood Green, where more than 300 people work, as well as Wood Green’s civic centre (pictured above) and library – which “will be moved elsewhere in the borough”.

    Other land included in the package is the Northumberland Park regeneration area in Tottenham, while it is also looking at bundling up other sites into the work including land behind Muswell Hill library and parts of Broadwater Farm in Tottenham.

    It will be interesting to see how much affordable housing is included and what will happen to the facilities due to be “moved elsewhere”.

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