#HTHBadDeal – Legal review of the sale of Hornsey Town Hall – *Part 2*

Sorry to publish a near duplicate post so soon after the first, but its because I’m an idiot. I forgot to put the link to the crowdfunding page in the first one.

This is the link to the crowdfunding page

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our call for funds to pay for a legal opinion on whether we have grounds to launch a Judicial review into Haringey Council’s disposal of Hornsey Town Hall.

The advice we have received is that there is a chance that the Courts might be persuaded to interfere with Haringey’s decision to grant planning permission. We feel it is only fair to afford our supporters the opportunity to take that chance but to do so we need to raise £20,000 very quickly.

We are therefore now asking you, your neighbours and friends to back the launch of a Judicial Review by contributing to the fighting fund and help us to raise the £20k in order to be able to cover all costs of a full judicial review. Please contribute what you can but most importantly share this page with your friends, neighbours and colleagues on social media and email.

We will only bring proceedings if we reach our target. If we do not reach it then your donation will not be taken from your card.

This is the last chance we have to stop this disposal. Haringey could have delivered so much more for those on the housing waiting list, for our small businesses, for our arts and for our community.

Please contribute and share this page urgently!

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  1. Good Morning All

    Yesterday I went out leafleting in the Town Hall Square and the anger at what Haringey have done, the interest and support for the Judicial review were overwhelming.

    Coming back home and clicking on https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/hthbaddeal-part2/ showed me that the activity had had a positive influence on pledges – we are now nudging 40% of our target.

    We know that people want to pledge but, on a beautiful sunny day like today, they are unlikely to be sitting at a PC or laptop.

    This is where you come in – please, please text, tweet and Facebook the fundraising page link to everyone you know.

    Do it now and do it later to remind them.

    Then, go and sit in the sun and beam the smile of the self-righteous!


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