HTHAS/CIC Guiding Principles Published

Okay everyone,

We had the public meeting in the Supper Room at HTH last week to try and get some consensus around what a set of guiding principles for HTHAS and the CIC might look like. The discussion was lively and varied, and we think we’ve distilled it into a set of “Principles” and “Aspirations” that represents the fundamentals of everyone’s comments and concerns.

We believe this list presents a set of core fundamentals with which HTHAS/CIC can work on the community’s behalf.



Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and Community Interest Company has set out a series of guiding principles that are fundamental to underpin our vision for the future of Hornsey Town Hall, Green and Square. Alongside these guiding principles, we have set out aspirations that describe the community’s ambitions for a best possible outcome.


Management of Hornsey Town Hall

Principle Aspiration
Community role in governance of the town hall and square, community representation on any governing body charged with safeguarding the future of HTH Community governance of the town hall and square via a new Charitable Trust, with representative community members making up at least 50% of the trustees
Run as a not-for-profit social enterprise, with any surpluses ploughed back into arts & community activities, and a reserve for ongoing and future maintenance of the building
After 5 years of successful and financially sound community governance by the Trust, moving to community ownership of the Town Hall




Town Hall Uses and Access

Principle Aspiration
Mixed use, financially-viable scheme within the town hall encompassing a flexible range of arts, performance, community, education and micro-business/incubator hub Residential units within the town hall to be avoided, especially if they would compromise the primary function of the building as an arts, performance, community and micro-business hub
Public spaces and rooms available for hire by community groups at affordable rates
Free access for the public to key historic parts of the building at appropriate times when the building is open


Town Hall Restoration

Principle Aspiration
The Grade II* listed building is the showpiece – not merely a shell for activities. Its history, character and architecture should be reflected in any refurbishment plan


Development of all spaces to allow for as much of the building as possible to be used and appreciated and accessible to all


A sustainable and environmentally responsible development

Town Hall Square and Green

Principle Aspiration
Commitment to preservation of all public open space, with an overall landscaping plan that retains the green and enhances the square and the surrounding townscape/views


No commercial exploitation or structures to be built on the square/public space, and no  closures of the space for private functions
All current access and rights of way to be preserved


Current access and rights of way to be covenanted



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