HTH – Update With What We Know

Well, we met with Far East Consortium representatives (the almost-leaseholders and hoteliers) and have the following to report. Their website for the project (  is newly launched and the newly released Community Use Agreement is linked on it.

It’s fair to say we have many questions; also fair to say we all expected we would have many questions at this stage, but their plans don’t seem very advanced.

Lots to talk about, but not much to chew on. Lots of “considering”, not much “absolutely”.

There is as yet

  • no convincing vision to the Arts Centre,
  • no flesh on the community use and access element,
  • no solidity around financial sustainability,
  • only suggestions that the workspaces – 70-odd small businesses, remember – would be rehoused somewhere.

Specifically around the Community Use Agreement – which is intended to specify the access guaranteed for community and creative events inside Hornsey Town Hall: to be honest it’s a pretty vague bit of boilerplate work – even FEC said we wouldn’t be impressed.

From here on, it all depends on how “considering” turns into “absolutely, guaranteed”.

We’re sat at the table – mostly thanks to you – and will be pushing for what the community have told us they want. That’s our job, then. More as we get it.

Have a look at our website for better detail: It’s been a bit of an information vacuum for a while, but now that some form of engagement is on, there will be more and more often.

We want to make sure we represent your views in our meetings with FEC so please let us have your feedback, easy through the website!



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