HTH – Planning Consultation Period Extended

Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum (home of all things planning) wrote to ask for an extension to the consultation period; they received the following from Haringey Planning:


Thank you for your email.

In your email you seek for the Council to extend the consultation period on the planning application and application for listed building consent at Hornsey Town Hall (HGY/2017/2220) which was validated on 1st August 2017.

Planning applications must be publicised for a minimum of 21 days (as per statute) and the Council’s own Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Owing to the significance of this application, its timing during the school holidays, the Planning Department agreed to extend the formal consultation period from 21 days (3 weeks) to 35 days (5 weeks). This was considered to strike an appropriate balance between the need to determine planning applications expeditiously whilst also providing the local community time to consider the application.

It should be noted that comments received after this period up until a decision is taken are still taken into account when making the decision. Those that are received prior to the finalising of the committee report will be referred to in the report and those received after this time will be referred to at the planning committee.  This is also set out in our SCI (the SCI can be found here:

As set out in this document it is common on large applications for the applicant to make minor amendments to schemes after submission of schemes often following feedback and comments raised during consultation. We are expecting the applicant to submit some revisions including amendments to the Broadway Mews block to reduce overlooking, some revised flat layouts and supplementary views, viability information and heritage justification. You will all be reconsulted when this information is submitted.

As such I am going to extend the consultation period to 26 September or 14 days from when the additional information is submitted whichever is the later. For now the period will be extended to 26 September on the website.

If you or any other local residents would like to meet with my officers to go through the information then please contact James Hughes to arrange. We have a hard copy that can be viewed in our offices.


Emma Williamson Assistant Director-Planning

2 Replies to “HTH – Planning Consultation Period Extended”

  1. No mention of affordable housing in Ms. Williamson’s reply, I notice. Uness it comes under ‘minor amendments’?

    Have local concerns on this issue, (and others posted elsewhere) been brought to her attention?

    What happens now?-

  2. Why is it only “local residents” that have been offered the chance to talk to planning officers? This is a Haringey asset and the invitation should be extended to ALL haringey residents

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