HTH Development Management Forum Update

It’s fair to say that the DMF meeting that was held on Monday in Earl Haig was a bit on the contentious side. On the one hand, it was gratifying to see that many questions came not from campaign groups but from local residents on their own behalf – the community engaged.

On the other hand it was disappointing that FEC had no representatives there, leaving the architects and Council officers answering many questions with, “When the planning application arrives….” and “We’ll take that away…”.

Not quite good enough for most. Towards the end of the meeting one persion asked for a show of hands from the audience as to “Yay” or “Nay”. If memory serves the “Nay” had it by a 10-1 margin.

In the event, the two big changes were:

  • it’s not actually an apartment-hotel (which will surprise anyone who’s been to the consultation session as recently as Saturday) but now just a hotel-hotel – no four-star boutique element mentioned here;
  • and that the massed buildings in the car park are going to be seven storeys in height.

Neither one of those went down well. More to follow re: planning application etc

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  1. So if it is now to be a proper, traditional hotel it will require servicing with large scale kitchens and dining rooms. Where will they go? In the promised publicly accessible/historical interest spaces?

  2. Hmmm….exactly what we were thinking: where’s the room service going to come from? The required croissant/tea/coffee at breakfast? And presumably one would need to prepare for daily laundry where you might be more relaxed as an apart-hotel?

    No change to the designated plant area as far as we can tell. Things are changing quickly though.

  3. The kitchens will presumably go in the current kitchen area behind the supper room. These are down to be redone as kitchens to service the proposed bar /restaurant at the top which is why a lift is going in there too. The kitchens need to be redone if there is any hope of having the function rooms work as proper function spaces as at the moment anything upstairs works off a couple of hot plates which isn’t adequate for many of the things that the building is perfect for like weddings, parties, dinners etc.

    I also read somewhere in one of the recent reports that it is going to be a hotel without all the frills so people would go and use the bars/restaurants/ local cafes for breakfast.

    I couldn’t make Monday’s meeting but I’m finding the relentless negativity around this project depressing. The building is crumbling and this is the only viable project around.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    For us, there’s not so much negativity as concern. The linking up of arts centre uses and hotel functions is not well defined. And the changing of plans from Saturday to Monday doesn’t go a long way to instilling confidence. It’s fair to say that the apart-hotel idea seemed a better fit…then it was gone. Then the resi was six storeys and became seven. Then back to six again because they buried one. Even the pre-app planning documents cite variously 144 and 145 units; which is it?.

    Fosters an understandable scepticism in many people.

    It’s difficult to appreciate something when that something is ill-defined and so changeable. Guess we all wait for the formal planning application….

  5. The planning application goes in soon. The whole community needs to object en masse to this travesty. We are losing a vital community asset to enrich a Cayman registered vehicle with virtually no community benefit. Its frankly amazing, and unacceptable, given the tone of the Corbyn led national party that Labour at the local level is doing this stuff.

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