Hornsey Town Hall – what next? – Oct 9th 2015

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Thanks for signing our petition!

Dear HTHAS supporter

Did you think signing the petition would be the end of the story for you and Hornsey TownHall? No no, far from it. We wanted to let you know what’s happening, and (of course!) ask a couple more things of you.

Doing these things will bring you a warm glow and possibly fame.

  1. Vote for Hornsey Town Hall in Time Out’s Love London Awards. Winning will bring a whole heap of publicity to our campaign to save the building for the community
  1. Are you free on Friday 9th October (this Friday!) at 10.45am? If so, come to a photo call outside the town hall. We have journalists and photographers from local papers coming down to cover our story and we’d love to give them a sense of the mass of supporters we have backing the campaign. Bring placards! Get your face in the paper!
  1. Has everyone you know signed the petition? If not, get them to do it now!
  1. Are you a lawyer, a venue operator, business planner? If you can give us a few hours of your time, we need your help to put together our future plan. It’s coming on well but having more professionals to cast an eye would be good. Contact us at hthappreciationsociety@gmail.com
  1. Are you from a community or arts group? We want to bring as many groups into our campaign coalition as possible. Please get in touch if you have – or want to have in the future – an interest in the town hall.

You can also read Hornsey and Wood Green MP Catherine West’s letter to the Ham and High newspaper in support of our campaign here.

We are now pursuing two parallel routes. We’re still trying to persuade Haringey Council of the merits of Community Asset Transfer. We hope when we get to 2,200 signatories on the petition, we can trigger a Cabinet debate on the issue. At the same time, we are looking at how we engage with the OJEU process.

OJEU is the procurement process by which Haringey is going to sell off the town hall and green, and the land behind it (on which flats will be built). If the council won’t transfer the asset to us, Plan B is to negotiate this with developers so community benefit is assured in the long term through community ownership. Our Vision Statement sets out what we are trying to do and why.

Don’t forget to check out our website, join the facebook group, follow us @saveHTH andshare all this as widely as you can. #saveHTH

Thanks again for signing the petition,
Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society

Click on the image to read Catherine West MP’s letter to the Ham and High about the HTHAS campaign

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