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The text below sets out why we think Haringey council is misguided in pursuing its current course – the EU procurement procedure – to dispose of Hornsey Town Hall. If you agree please sign our petition

On 26th August HTHAS wrote to Councillor Kober, leader of Haringey Council, offering suggestions as to a better way to proceed with Hornsey Town Hall. Cllr Kober replied on September 10th. I paraphrase her response as “No!”.

But we still believe we are right. There is a better way than disposal of the Town Hall to a developer, for so many reasons, which we have set out in this lengthy communication to Cllr Kober. It’s a good letter, you might like to read it in its entirety, but if not here are some highlights, carrying out the demolition job on the Council’s argumnets:

  1. There are a lot of us think this way – look at our Hornsey Town Hall petition
  2. We are suggesting Community Asset Transfer, which was the Council’s own agreed position until 2011. We asked – why has the policy changed? There has been no sensible consideration since of this option, certainly not enough to dismiss it.
  3. We make a very powerful argument (using the word conflate, which is a very nice word) that all of the councils objectives in dealing with Hornsey Town Hall can be met, these are
    1. To achieve a restoration of the town hall
    2. To facilitate cultural, community activities and a positive contribution to the local economy
    3. To remove council liability
    4. To integrate the town hall square in the scheme
  4. We go on to demolish the arguments put forward by the council’s ‘consultants’. These are a bit lengthy, but well worth a look if you can. In the main they are either circular (we said it, so it must be true) or misinterpretations of statements that have been made in the past.
  5. We  point out that  the “soft market testing” carried out by consultancy GVA indicated the distaste that everyone has for the OJEU procurement process. Indeed the GVA paper is a very poor thing.
  6. We conclude by saying
    “We believe we have provided a strong enough case to warrant proper council consideration of Community Asset Transfer. We ask respectfully that you respond to this email with your views.”

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