Haringey Cabinet Choose the Hotel

We are sure that by now you’ve seen that the decision Cabinet took on Tuesday evening was to endorse Council officers’ recommendation of FEC/Dorsett/CoPlan as preferred bidder for Hornsey Town Hall, setting in motion negotiations to bring a Caymans-domiciled restaurants/cafe/luxury boutique hotel/venue to the centre of Crouch End at the cost of 70+ local businesses and 130+jobs.

Needless to say we are disappointed, a disappointment that has been reflected across social media and in conversation in the broadway and beyond over the past couple of days.

There is, surely, more to be done on this issue and we’re busily figuring out what is the most prudent and most effective next step.

In the meantime, since the decision on Tuesday night, THE PETITION HAS GONE FROM 2,300 SIGNATURES TO OVER 5,000! Clearly interest in this matter has not been muted by this development.

Should you wish to, you can see the Cabinet debate here (starts at 05:49)

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