FEC Consultation Tomorrow!

A reminder to everyone that FEC are setting up a public consultation booth tomorrow May 20th from 10-4 at Hornsey Town Hall. Here’s the detail on times, etc. as we have it: HTH Drop-In. (There will be another one on Tuesday if you can’t make it).

Do please go along and ask all your questions, and let us know what you think of their plans.

Particular areas for inquiry might be:

  • Hotel use
  • The provision for arts
  • The provision for community uses
  • The treatment of the green and outside spaces
  • Plans for rehousing the workspaces and small business incubator
  • Other likes/dislikes about the scheme…what is missing? What worries you? Anything? Nothing?

The AS will take these comments to FEC and summarise them on this website

The next big milestones are:

  • A full planning application, with accompanying listed building consent proposals, submitted to Haringey in July. You will be able to tell Haringey what you think of these, and we will also make formal representations based on what you tell us and on what our planning, architecture, and legal experts think
  • If and when planning permission is approved, the long lease of the site goes to FEC and work would be expected to begin in the new year

Keep up to date by following HTHAS on the website and on Facebook, tell your friends and neighbours, and help to shape the proposals in these final stages.

This is where the community really gets to say something. Go say it.

3 Replies to “FEC Consultation Tomorrow!”

  1. This is tomorrow as in Saturday 20th? And not as date left top letter 19th May (today) – just double checking before I share this on FB.

  2. I’ve surprised myself at how angry I am with the exhibition and the deal that Haringey seems to be blundering into.

    It was amateurish: the staff although trying to be helpful, were badly briefed, the materials poor, the layout awful. There were no plans about the future of the arts and community management and facilities: all we got was a list of spaces. What about the operator, finances, charges, sustainability etc?

    We learn that there will be more units added on the blocks in the car park, the new build in the Library car park and the link block. If you add a notional value of £400k per unit of short term let accommodation (x70) to the for-sale flats (including the new rather attractive penthouses) then the retail value of the asset that FEC will wind up with must be approaching £130 million.

    In return, Haringey get HTH (a building they’ve neglected for thirty years) off the at risk register and a capital cheque for £3.5 million; the community get four units of affordably and the spaces that can’t be used for anything else that will make FEC money

    This is not a good deal.

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