FEC Announce Drop-In Sessions

Here are the details, and here are some questions one may want to ask…

First, the details:

Hornsey Town Hall – drop-in session invite

Now, questions that might want some asking:

  • What about the green? Who’s going to advise and inform the community about what happens there?
  • Which rooms in HTH are designated as community space?
  • The Community Use Agreement is not yet signed – what’s the final version going to look like? Basically the same – with the attendant 60% community use stipulations?
  • What about the workspaces?
  • How much of the building proper is going to be a hotel?
  • How is the hotel going to feed into or feed off the arts centre?
  • Are ANA going to be the arts centre operator?
  • When will the works begin?
  • How long will it be closed while renovations are underway? Will it be phased so that, for instance, the Assembly Hall might be unavailable but the Supper Room is?

That’s just off the top of our heads…surely there are many, many more questions that want a bit of an airing.

2 Replies to “FEC Announce Drop-In Sessions”

  1. Thanks for all the information and research. Its very useful. I am wondering if the Hong Kong Consortium go ahead, (as I looked at their website and they seem to be very famous for building carparks over the world), they could build an underground car park for all the flat dwellers with electric car recharging stations. That may release the impact of the flat dwellers prescence on the surrounding streets around the library. Also electric cars will be more prevalent in a few years and cause less pollution for London statistics

  2. I’d like to know whether the main hall will be able to accommodate classical music concerts and if so, how many seats will be available. Also if so, what plans are there to ensure the acoustic for such concerts will be optimised.

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