Dear All,

We’re launching a campaign to halt the decision regarding the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall, the Square, the Green and the land at the back to a Hon Kong-based, Caymans- domiciled consortium whose solution for the site largely centres on a luxury boutique hotel with residential development to the rear.

While opposition to this solution was already solid, it became heightened with the news that an alternative was rejected at the final stages by Haringey. That alternative included a SME/start-up and creative incubator and a zero-carbon residential development to the rear.

We think it is a matter of urgency to convince Council to delay their decision until the fullest possible level of detail is made available to the public, and until the public’s clear preference for the alternate bid is addressed.

If you agree with us, please click the link below to send an email to council asking for just that.



This worked on Chrome and on an iPad, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ve posted the text and addresses in a comment below.