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Dear All,

We’re launching a campaign to halt the decision regarding the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall, the Square, the Green and the land at the back to a Hon Kong-based, Caymans- domiciled consortium whose solution for the site largely centres on a luxury boutique hotel with residential development to the rear.

While opposition to this solution was already solid, it became heightened with the news that an alternative was rejected at the final stages by Haringey. That alternative included a SME/start-up and creative incubator and a zero-carbon residential development to the rear.

We think it is a matter of urgency to convince Council to delay their decision until the fullest possible level of detail is made available to the public, and until the public’s clear preference for the alternate bid is addressed.

If you agree with us, please click the link below to send an email to council asking for just that.



This worked on Chrome and on an iPad, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ve posted the text and addresses in a comment below.

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  1. To:;;;;;;;;;;

    SUBJ:URGENT – Hornsey Town Hall Disposition

    The Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society is writing to you to ask for support in urging Haringey’s cabinet to postpone for a minimum of one month the decision to accept the officers’ recommendation to adopt Far East Consortium International Ltd (FEC) as the preferred bidder for Hornsey Town Hall.

    Public concern and hostility is growing after the announcement of FEC, a Hong Kong based property developer registered in the Cayman Islands, as recommended preferred bidder. This announcement was made the very same day Mayor Sadiq Khan launched an inquiry into overseas property speculation in London.

    Last week it emerged that the rejected plan incorporated an Arts Centre, a small-business and creative incubator, and zero-carbon residential development – all of which the community supports. As a consequence of the stark difference between public aspiration for the Town Hall and the preferred solution, public opinion is rapidly hardening.

    We ask for your support by calling for a delay in the decision. This matter deserves further examination and better explanation.

  2. I think only a petition on will do. with maximum public exposure, there is no justification whatsoever for the square to become private. no ifs or buts the only way to make sure that nothing happens to it is for it to remain PUBLIC, Simple.

    With regard to the pedigree of the bidder that’s another story. But indeed some are quite entitled to have reservation on this also.

  3. Hi – Yes agree absolutely that a petition is needed. I’m on 38Degrees right now putting the final touches but struggling with making the image fit…it’s just too big!

    1. Okay, I’ve changed them so semi-colons. Worked on my Windows machine and the iPad so thought was okay….sooooo many different machines.

    2. Okay, I’ve changed them to semi-colons. Worked on my Windows machine and the iPad so thought was okay….sooooo many different machines.

  4. Hi. Just had an email from Cllr Strickland saying that the council would not be delaying the decision. I suppose everyone that has emailed has received the same…

  5. Yes, I believe so. But it’s not really up to Cllr Strickland – the Cabinet doesn’t vote until Tuesday evening and we’ll be there to make a deposition so hopefully we’ll convince enough people that a delay is good for us and costs them nothing but a few weeks wait.

    1. How such a small amount of individuals can decide on such a crucial decision hey? Then again they do have a democratic mandate.

      One thing for sure movimg the GREEN from public to private is a big no no. As I said no ifs, no buts, the only way to safeguard the greem is for it to remain public. It should never have come to this in any case. Who ever came up with this preposterous idea?

      In any shape or form it is a non starter.


      JC Lanoe

  6. Suspect that if the Hong-Kong based bid and build goes ahead, the flats (which should rightfully be for socially available housing) will be priced above achievable levels for locals and therefore sold to off-shore/overseas investors for businesses to use.

    In addition, we have no firm word on whether traffic will be allowed access to the square…. only an assurance that access will not be allowed from the Broadway.

    Visions of queues of taxis and limos puffing out pollution waiting for clients at the (potential) entrance by the fountain…….

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