As we head into the final stages of the disposal of HTH, we’ll be updating the Docs tab more regularly with planning documents, permissions, etc.

Here’s the newest stuff: HTH Pre-application briefing July 2017 and HTH pre app appx 1 Historic England

Here is a list of and link to many of the documents that are publicly available regarding the current tender/disposal of HTH. There are many more out there that serve as background to the current situation (Mountview appraisals, for instance), but don’t seem to be relevant to the current disposal process.

We’ve read them all, believe it or not.

NEW! Middlesex University Community Futures & Utopia
Architectural Exhibition on the Re-Use of Hornsey Town Hall:community-futures-utopia-architectural-exhibition-hth

McAslan Report 2010: 2010 HTH Renaissance architects presentation

Capita Symonds Report 2010: Capita Symonds 2010

Knight Frank 2010: Knight Frank 2010

HTH Creative Trust Consultation: HTHcommunityuseandaccesspaperv15clean2

The Timeline: HTH OJEU timetable Nov 2015

Haringey Cabinet Report: $HTHCabinetReport16JuneFinal3.docx

GVA (Haringey’s consultants) Options Appraisal Report: GVA options_appraisal_final_report

HTH Document Index

index for due diligence

ISDS01 Vol 1 – Tender Instructions

ISDS Vol 2 – Descriptive Document (1)

ISDS Vol 2 – Descriptive Document

ISDS01.1 Appendix C – Financial Template

ISDS01.1 Appendix D – Environmental and Sustainability Standards

ISDS01.1 Appendix E – Transparently and Sustainably Sourced Timber TSST Policy

ISDS03 Vol 3 – Cover and Index for legal suite

ISDS03 Vol 3 – Development Agreement

ISDS03 Vol 3 – Draft Lease

ISDS04 Vol 4 – Response forms

PQQ 01 Information Memorandum

PQQ 02 Guidance Notes

PQQ03 Scoring Matrix

PQQ04 Appendix 1 – Bidding Model Details

PQQ05 Appendix 2 – Consortium Member Details

PQQ06 Appendix 3 – Financial Checks

PQQ07 Appendix 4 – Relationship of the Holding Parent Company

PQQ08 Appendix 5.1 – Case Study Summary

PQQ11 Appendix 5.4 – Start-up Organisations

PQQ10 Appendix 5.3 – Key challenges

PQQ09 Appendix 5.2 – Relevance to the Opportunity

PQQ12 Appendix 6 – Project Specific Questions

PQQ13 Appendix 7 – Compliance with Equality LegislationPQQ14

Appendix 8 – Environmental Management

PQQ15 Appendix 9 – Health and Safety

PQQ16 Appendix 10 – Additional Information

PQQ17 Appendix 11 – Declaration

PQQ18 Appendix 12 – Upload Checklist

S4 Ecological Appraisal Report

S5 Japanese Knotweed Treatment Strategy

S10 Archaelogical Desk Based Assessment

S11 Geotechnical Report

S14a Asbestos Register Update Inspection

S14b Environmental – Asbestos Inspection Report for Broadway Annexe

S15 Asbestos Survey Report

S16 Condition Survey Update

S18 Air Quality Assessment

S19 Listed Building and Conservation Area Statement

S20 Emergence Re-Entry Bat Survey

S1a Report on Title

S1b Report on Title plan

S1c Official Copy (Register) – AGL198253

S1d Official Copy (Register) – AGL208955

S1e Official Copy (Register) – EGL188574

S1f Official Copy (Register) – MX52288

S1g Official Copy (Register) – MX94630

S1h Official Copy (Register) – MX96777

S1i Official Copy (Register) – NGL129796

S1j Official Copy (Title Plan) – AGL198253

S1k Official Copy (Title Plan) – AGL208955

S1l Official Copy (Title Plan) – EGL188574

S1m Official Copy (Title Plan) – MX52288

S1n Official Copy (Title Plan) – MX94630

S1o Official Copy (Title Plan) – MX96777

S1p Official Copy (Title Plan) – NGL129796