Catherine West, MP, comments…

“I’ve always said I want to see the community at the heart of any redevelopment of Hornsey Town Hall. It’s fantastic to see the vibrant arts scene that has developed from there and it’s important that it’s safeguarded long into the future. It is really useful that the Appreciation Society have produced a set of Principles that will guide them in their discussions with developers. It helps put flesh on Haringey’s stated ambition for Community Access as well as outlining a way to achieve a long term, sustainable future for the Town Hall and square.”

4 Replies to “Catherine West, MP, comments…”

    1. It’s true that Haringey’s statements around community use and access are not defined concretely. But developers will have to face an assessment scheme that allocates 21% of their overall score to “community use and access”. What we’re trying to do is describe what the community think that actually is.

  1. The way the tender is being presented to potential developers by the council does not seem to make retention of ALL public open spaces a requirement of the sale. Or am I missing the point?

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