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  1. There doesn’t appear to be any details of the actual transaction between FEC and Haringey Council.
    Surely the value of the site has a bearing on the costs? What did the other bidders offer as a capital value of the land?

  2. So what did transpire on that balmy evening in 2016?

    Scene: The boiled lobster bar at La Splendido, Cannes. The sun is setting, the terrapins are chirping, and Cllr S. espies his big opportunity…

    “Well old boy, here’s the thing. The Council are sitting on a piece of land worth about £30m, and we don’t want it anymore”

    “Central Crouch End?”

    “Yep, and we’ll accept £3.5m for it”

    “Wha? There must be a catch…”

    “Well yes, we’re lumbering you with the restoration of a knackered old listed building”

    “Uh oh. How much will it cost?”

    “I dunno, £6-10m?”

    “Errm……………. okay, but I’m a little confused. That still sounds like a too-good-to-be-true deal – we pay you £3.5m and have to spend maybe £10m, but still get land worth £30m? Isn’t that like you’ve just handed us a cheque for £16.5m?”


    “I can’t tell if you’re joking or you’re an idiot. Let’s see… how about we use the building as a hotel, we can build it with the money we should have shelled out for the land, and still cream in the rent. It’s like you’re giving us a huge public subsidy – only we get the cash! I reckon in addition to the £100m from the sale of the flats we could be looking at a £million net in rent from the hotel every year!
    …Oh, now hang on, I get it – you’re still the landlord though and you’re gonna hit us for huge rent. Clever – how much do you want?”


    “…………. there’s a hidden camera right?”

  3. “If you’ve been in the [poker] game for thirty minutes
    and you don’t know who the patsy is,” said Warren Buffett,
    “you’re the patsy”.

    Claire Kober, Alan Strickland, Joe Goldberg and their chums are not joking. Nor are they idiots.

    And because they are playing with our money, not their own, they aren’t even the patsies.

    It’s nice to imagine that the lobbyists or property developers who hired the luxury Cannes yacht Clara One smirked when they saw guests from Haringey Council on the list. http://www.charterworld.com/index.html?sub=yacht-charter&charter=my-clara-one-6956

    We too might smile when observing the antics of Queen Claire I, with her perpetual pal JoeGo Logo, and another councillor whose name is an anagram of Landtricks. Our chuckles may follow their unbrilliant future careers. And of course grim mirth may be preferable to tears.

    But in reality the laugh’s on us. We are the patsies.

  4. In Other News ..

    … someone once described Greenwich as the “Crouch End of South London”, and just up the road is Woolwich.

    To see what a council with a redundant site, a will, a vision and not wearing Developer Goggles can do, take a look at this..


    Why can’t our council; deliver something like this for HTH? Why do they feel that by delivering and allowing crap solutions to wonderful opportunities they are making some kind of point?

    When will they realize that the reason that they are popular with developers and lobbying outfits is because they are considered an easy touch and seem to like getting shafted?

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