An Open Letter to Claire Kober, leader of Haringey Council

The text below is an open letter that the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society will send to Claire Kober. Please read it carefully, and if you would like your drama society, art group, book circle, arts based business, play group or any other sort of organisation to be included in the list of signatories, then please send an email to

To: Claire Kober
cc: Cllrs Strickland, Arthur, Doran, Elliot, John McGrath, Saheeda Parveen,

Dear Councillor Kober


We, the undersigned organisations representing community and arts groups in Crouch End, believe that Hornsey Town Hall is a unique and wonderful local asset. We want to see it transferred into community ownership in order to safeguard community use and access in the long term, rather than being sold off to a private developer.

We call on the council to:

1.        Give full Cabinet consideration of Community Asset Transfer of Hornsey Town Hall, as proposed by Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society, and


2.        Delay the OJEU disposal process for 6 months in accordance with Community Right to Bid legislation

This will provide time for the council and community to work together to deliver the best long term solution that keeps the town hall in community hands.



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