A way to save a town hall – Winskill Makes the Observer

The following from Mr Winskill’s letter published in the Observer on New Years Day:

Chris Currer is absolutely right when he says of the disposal of Hornsey town hall that “Haringey council’s choice seems to hinge mostly on the money” (“Cities paying the price of austerity”, News).

The tragedy is that there is a workable and sustainable alternative that this doctrinaire-driven cabinet refuses to discuss – a community asset transfer to a trust. This would allow full restoration of this wonderful building, the provision of social and affordable housing, community use and an arts centre, as well as relieving the council of its cost. Instead, it has gone for the luxury housing and boutique hotel model that will impress their developer chums but cut no ice with the thousands of homeless families in Haringey who will be spending the holiday season in temporary accommodation.

David Winskill
Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and CIC, London N8

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