A Photo Shoot for the local press – Friday 9th October

A good crowd of avid Save Hornsey Town Hall campaigners turned out for a photo shoot outside the Town Hall today. The papers will have their own versions of these pictures but here are some we made ourselves.

Many of those pictured are occupants of the Town Hall workshops – at risk of eviction if the Haringey disposal gives rise to the conversion of the building to flats, a hotel or a gym. Just some of the hideous possibilities if the Hall is not taken into Community ownership. Sign our petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-hornsey-town-hall or if you already have ask your friends to sign it too.

Oh , and don’t forget to vote for the Arts Centre in the Time Out Awards

HTH Photop 9 10 15 (4) HTH Photop 9 10 15 HTH Photop 9 10 15 (3) HTH Photop 9 10 15 (2) HTH Photop 9 10 15 (1) Photos courtesy of David Winskill

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