A Judicial Review of the Hornsey Town Hall Sale


HTHAS are launching a CrowdJustice fundraising campaign today to start a legal challenge to Haringey’s sale of Hornsey Town Hall to Far East Consortium. Find out why, and how you can help below.

Suck it up, or…

When Haringey Council approved FEC’s planning application in December, HTHAS had a choice: suck it up and negotiate with FEC to get what we can out of the deal, or keep fighting to get the best possible outcome for the town hall and the community.

After much discussion, we decided that there was still an important role to play in keeping on fighting.

We are lucky that there are other organisations that we know and love – Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum and Crouch End Festival being two of them – who are at the table and working with Far East Consortium on behalf of the community to make sure that the outcome will be OK if FEC remain as the developer of the site.

This frees up HTHAS to do something different.

Legal challenge

We have decided to throw our weight behind a legal challenge to the decision that Haringey Council made when they decided to sell the town hall and green to FEC. This is our last chance to get a much better outcome for Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End and the community.

The challenge hinges on the fact that the bid that won FEC the deal changed beyond recognition by the time that they applied for planning permission. This should invalidate the procurement (sale) process, and we want this tested in the courts.

Fundraising appeal

Before we can bring a Judicial Review, we have to establish whether our case is strong enough to win in court.

To do this, we have to get good legal advice and this costs money. Which is where you come in.

At this stage we only need £2000 so if you can chip in a few quid to help us get this off the ground, go to

https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/hthbaddeal/and donate the price of a double shot soya flat white.

If the barristers tell us that our case is strong enough to proceed, we’ll need to raise about £16,000 to take this to the High Court. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

If they say that our case is not strong enough, we’ll draw a line here knowing we did everything we could for HTH.

An alternative future

We believe that we can do so much better than the FEC scheme. Our vision is to:

  • Keep the town hall and green in public ownership
  • Provide decent amount of social rent housing (FEC are providing 7.5%, Haringey’s Local Plan calls for 40%)
  • Give Haringey a sustainable and thriving community arts centre
  • Offer affordable workspace for small businesses
  • Build much needed new housing in the car park that respects the Conservation Area
  • Retain £millions of profit from the sale of new housing within the council’s budget – not lining the pockets of a tax-haven based developer.

Last chance to save HTH for the people

Go to

https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/hthbaddeal/ and donate as much as you can, and tell everyone you know that this is the last chance to stop the sale of HTH to the Far East Consortium and save HTH for the people.

One Reply to “A Judicial Review of the Hornsey Town Hall Sale”

  1. It has been a great response from everyone that allowed us to raise our target of £2 000 in just 33 hours – many thanks to all.

    One of the things that prompted us to act was the pathetically low level of affordable units Haringey had negotiated on our behalf. Coincidentally, Shelter has just launched a campaign to address the issue of councils that under perform by allowing developers to swerve their responsibility to deliver for the wider community.

    This is worth a look … http://england.shelter.org.uk/support_us/campaigns/nppf?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5170


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