A 2006 phased approach proposed by Architects

This report from Deborah Saunt David Hills Architects sets out a phased approach to the refurbishment of Hornsey Town Hall.

The key things I take from this are that

1) only steps 1 – 3 are essential – the rest is optional

  • CONSTRUCTION COSTS (1 – 3 essential)
    1. Essential Works to the Town Hall structure and exterior.   £1,610,000
    2. External Landscaping (soft and hard)                                £1,110,000
    3. Client on costs (30%)                                                              £86,000
    Sub Total                                                                                £3,536,000

2) The building is currently just about wiping its nose (?????) without any major works.

Obviously all of this must be challenged in the light of later day thinking and inflation.

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