Update! Planning Officers’ Report Available Now

The Planning Officers’ report is now available online. It details their recommendations and conditions for approval.

It’s 106 pages long.

Don’t be discouraged, much of it is self-referential (by which we mean “as in Section 1, Subsection 19, Paragraph g, Sub-paragraph 112”). Not poking fun, this is the way these things are. So not as hard going as 106 pages might seem.

There’s also a list of supporting documents published (including a new viability report).

Among the so-far noted elements (not all by us, but useful signposts) are:

  • anything to do with the viability report (yes we’re reading it);
  • the justification for the seven-storey development (Avenue Road);
  • and the curfew – it’s 11PM every day all year. Yes, there is scope for exceptions but… still thinking about what this means for weddings (when’s the last time anyone went to a wedding where everyone is told to go home at 11PM?), Silent Disco, Secret Cinema, New Year’s Eve (10PM?), Crouch End Festival…

Here’s the link to the main report, have a boo:

Officers’ Report

And the supporting documents are here:

Supporting Documents

Any and all forensic stuff welcome, as always. There are only a few days before the Planning Sub-Committee meets and so only a few days for everyone to make themselves familiar with the new elements of the proposal.