£3 500 000

It has come to our attention (via a FOI request) that the total capital receipt Haringey expect to receive for the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall, the Square and Green, and the car park with its residential development potential is…..£3 500 000.

One of the big reasons given for going through the whole OJEU tender process was that Haringey were obliged to do so, given the size of the contract on offer – almost £100 000 000.

Three-and-half million pound seems like a pittance.

FEC Credibility Comes into Question

Far East Consortium (FEC) have had their credibility questioned after last week’s fairly pedestrian development forum meeting in the Earl Haig. It didn’t help that the developers themselves were absent and therefore unable to answer some questions, leaving the architectural firm MAKE to place holding statements in response to many queries.

Concerns around credibility revolved primarily around the last-minute change of mind as regards the hotel use. As one attendee commented, “Wait….on Saturday it was an apart-hotel and by Monday it’s just a hotel-hotel….are they taking this seriously or not?”

With the revelation that planning applications are expected by the 21st July, it seems local residents are not confident that FEC are anywhere near a complete and convincing plan even two years since the OJEU process was launched.

How FEC go about assuaging local concerns will be made clear in the planning application….one hopes.

In addition to which, with the publication of the pre-application planning statement, HTHAS were unable to find a single mention of “arts centre” in their documentation. It seems that HTH has been reclassified as a “community centre” instead, with little in the way of regional interest; indeed FEC have said publicly:

“The use is not considered to be of more than local importance and is considered to be of significance to Crouch End area only. The scheme is principally intended to respond to a local identified need for community and cultural activities.”

Surely the community aspires to more than this?

Winskill in the Ham&High

Reflecting on the DMF, David Winskill has written to the Ham and High …

The eighty people that attended the Hornsey Town Hall Development Control Forum on Monday came with expectations of firm news about the future of the building and uses.

Reports suggest that they were disappointed.

One thing that is sure is that FEC (to whose credit have been more open in the past three months than Haringey in the past three years) are about to apply for an increase from the current generous permission of 123 luxury flats to 144 as well as a 67 room hotel. To squeeze all this in, the rear block will rise to seven floors. All this in a Conservation Area adjacent to a Grade II* gem and with worries about over-looking and car parking. Continue reading “Winskill in the Ham&High”

HTH Development Management Forum Update

It’s fair to say that the DMF meeting that was held on Monday in Earl Haig was a bit on the contentious side. On the one hand, it was gratifying to see that many questions came not from campaign groups but from local residents on their own behalf – the community engaged.

On the other hand it was disappointing that FEC had no representatives there, leaving the architects and Council officers answering many questions with, “When the planning application arrives….” and “We’ll take that away…”.

Not quite good enough for most. Towards the end of the meeting one persion asked for a show of hands from the audience as to “Yay” or “Nay”. If memory serves the “Nay” had it by a 10-1 margin.

In the event, the two big changes were:

  • it’s not actually an apartment-hotel (which will surprise anyone who’s been to the consultation session as recently as Saturday) but now just a hotel-hotel – no four-star boutique element mentioned here;
  • and that the massed buildings in the car park are going to be seven storeys in height.

Neither one of those went down well. More to follow re: planning application etc