Webcast of Cabinet Meeting – Tuesday Oct 18

Here’s the link to the webcast from Tuesday evening. Clifford Tibber presenting HTHAS deputation to Cabinet with supporting roles from Ivan Henshell and Chris Currer.

HTHAS deputation address starts around 00.05.40 (duration 3 minutes) followed by questions and comments from Haringey councillors ending around 01.17.09: WEBCAST


Haringey Cabinet Choose the Hotel

We are sure that by now you’ve seen that the decision Cabinet took on Tuesday evening was to endorse Council officers’ recommendation of FEC/Dorsett/CoPlan as preferred bidder for Hornsey Town Hall, setting in motion negotiations to bring a Caymans-domiciled restaurants/cafe/luxury boutique hotel/venue to the centre of Crouch End at the cost of 70+ local businesses and 130+jobs.

Needless to say we are disappointed, a disappointment that has been reflected across social media and in conversation in the broadway and beyond over the past couple of days.

There is, surely, more to be done on this issue and we’re busily figuring out what is the most prudent and most effective next step.

In the meantime, since the decision on Tuesday night, THE PETITION HAS GONE FROM 2,300 SIGNATURES TO OVER 5,000! Clearly interest in this matter has not been muted by this development.

Should you wish to, you can see the Cabinet debate here (starts at 05:49)

Haringey Cabinet Meeting to Consider HTH Tonight – Details

Haringey Cabinet will meet this evening from 6.30PM, and among the decisions they will be asked to take is the ratification of officer’s recommendation to select the FEC/CoPlan hotel scheme for Hornsey Town Hall. We’re due to give a deputation to Cabinet ahead of the actual vote.

Here are the details: Cabinet – Oct 18th

Please do come along if you’re up for it. We’ve been advised that there’s limited seating available and to show up a bit early (like 6.00PM). We’re Item #10, so no idea how long we’ll have to wait before we get our star turn.

There’s also a webcast that allows you to sit at home with a nice glass of wine and watch from there if you like.

Cllr Strickland Takes The Low Road

Dear All,

It has come to our attention that a fairly pointed campaign is taking place, emanating from the offices of Cllr Strickland, against HTHAS. We’d like to make the mild assumption that if you signed the petition, you’re a kind-of/sort-of member/supporter of HTHAS so this applies to you too. We don’t usually take such a breezy tone in our posts, but challenging Cllr Strickland has become tiresome, and so we amuse ourselves.

Let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading “Cllr Strickland Takes The Low Road”

Planning Problems for the Hotel?

Recall that one of Haringey’s three pillars for preferring FEC/CoPlan and the hotel was planning risk.

According to Haringey’s Cabinet Papers, “the bid not being recommended proposed higher residential buildings to the rear, requiring a new planning application

While the “bid being recommended aims to work with the existing planning arrangements

It seems the planning bit might have been optimistic…according to Planning Aid for London any change of use to a hotel will indeed require full new planning.


Below the text of our letter to Haringey and the advice from Planning Aid for London: Continue reading “Planning Problems for the Hotel?”

HTHAS Response to Cllr Strickland’s Email

If you have clicked through to the mailer on www.hthas.org.uk and made your concerns known to local councillors, you will probably have received a reply from Cllr Strickland wherein he lays out Council’s view of the history of the procurement process to date, and a sketch of the rationale behind the selection of FEC as preferred bidder.

Included in the message is this paragraph: Continue reading “HTHAS Response to Cllr Strickland’s Email”

Call to Delay the Decision

Dear All,

We’re launching a campaign to halt the decision regarding the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall, the Square, the Green and the land at the back to a Hon Kong-based, Caymans- domiciled consortium whose solution for the site largely centres on a luxury boutique hotel with residential development to the rear.

While opposition to this solution was already solid, it became heightened with the news that an alternative was rejected at the final stages by Haringey. That alternative included a SME/start-up and creative incubator and a zero-carbon residential development to the rear.

We think it is a matter of urgency to convince Council to delay their decision until the fullest possible level of detail is made available to the public, and until the public’s clear preference for the alternate bid is addressed.

If you agree with us, please click the link below to send an email to council asking for just that.



This worked on Chrome and on an iPad, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ve posted the text and addresses in a comment below.

Catherine West MP’s Statement on Hornsey Town Hall

Catherine West MP said: “Lots of people have been in touch with me since Friday when Haringey Council announced their preferred bidder for Hornsey Town Hall. I will be in the café at Hornsey Town Hall next Thursday 13 October at 4pm to speak to anyone who’d like to discuss this with me or you can drop me a line. I will be formally responding to the Cabinet Report once it’s available and am very keen to hear local residents’ views on the council’s plans for this iconic site.”

“Since plans to put the redevelopment of Hornsey Town Hall & Square out for tender were first announced, I have been pushing hard for a not-for-profit organisation, such as a housing association, to take on this much-loved site and I’ve repeatedly argued that any housing should be a minimum of 50 per cent affordable.”

You can read some of Catherine West’s previous correspondence on the issue here: