The Future of HTH – Public workshop 10th Feb 7-9pm

Hi all

The first stage of the sale process of Hornsey Town Hall is now complete – a long list of 6 developers are through to the 2nd round. Read more about the sale process here.

Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company (the vehicle set up for this purpose by Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society) has had introductory conversations with some of these developers and is expecting to hear from others.

Our purpose is to represent the community’s aspirations for the town hall and green in negotiations with developers. The vision is for an arts, performance, community and micro-business hub with long term community governance so they are run for the benefit of the whole community.

At some point, we may choose to back one developer’s bid but not until we’ve agreed with you what our Guiding Principles should be for determining which developer best meets the community’s needs and desires.

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PQQ Deadline

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is the first stage in Haringey’s process for selection of a preferred bidder for Hornsey Town Hall. The successful entrants through to the second stage were notified yesterday, it seems.

Below is a timeline that lays out our understanding of the process deadlines – the game is truly afoot now. We anticipate that our engagement with bidders will become rather more serious in the coming days/weeks, and in light of that we hope to host an open meeting soon where we can lay out what we’ve learned and what the state of play looks like at this juncture.

15th January 2016 Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS) issued
– Five bidders invited

January–April 2016 – Bidders develop detailed projects
– Site visits; presentation by Council
– Series of dialogue meetings: finance, legal, technical (incl. quality items)

1st April 2016 Final date for bidders’ questions

15th April 2016 Submission of Detailed Solutions

18th April 2016 Presentation of Detailed Solutions

April/May 2016 – LBH evaluation (Senior Council Officers, assisted by HTHCT in section)

13th May 2016 ISDS evaluation & short listing

17th June 2016 Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ISFT / CFT) issued
– Maximum of three bidders invited

27th June 2016 Final date for bidders’ questions

4th July 2016 Submission of Final Tenders

July 2016 – LBH evaluation

5th September 2016 Notification of Recommended Preferred Bidder

21st November 2016 Contracts signed

April 2018 Indicated start of works