Exactly what it is that Haringey is disposing of at Hornsey Town Hall

This plan (on the left with the red boundary, click on it for more detail) was submitted as Appendix A to the Haringey Cabinet meeting at which the OJEU disposal process was agreed.

Note that it includes not only the Town Hall, the Car park and the Square, but takes in the fountain square with the toilets on the way round to the library (though not the fountain), and the smaller car park behind Riley’s where the burger bar is currently being set up. Continue reading “Exactly what it is that Haringey is disposing of at Hornsey Town Hall”

Save Hornsey Town Hall campaign asks to be added to the Haringey schedule of interested parties

Squirrel from main door

As part of the OJEU procurement process being used to dispose of Hornsey Town Hall to developers, Haringey is setting up a schedule of ‘interested organisations’. It is expected that developers bidding for the Hall, Square and Car Park will contact some of the organisations on the list to discuss a co-operative approach to refurbishing and running the Town Hall. The text below is the pitch put forward by Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company to gain the attention of developers. Continue reading “Save Hornsey Town Hall campaign asks to be added to the Haringey schedule of interested parties”

20150922 email to petition signatories

Thanks for signing our petition
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Dear Adrian Essex

Thank you so much for taking the time to sign the Save Hornsey Town Hall’ petition. We wanted to let you know that we sent it to the leader and Cabinet of Haringey Council on Tuesday when it passed 1000 signatures.
You can read the letter that accompanied the petition here. It’s long but we wanted to spell out exactly why Haringey Council should be considering Community Asset Transfer as the best way to safeguard community use and access in the long term.
The campaign is by no means over… Our next target is to reach 2,200 signatures which should entitle us to trigger a full council debate on the issue. Please help us by forwarding, sharing and tweeting about the campaign and getting everyone you know to sign the petition. #saveHTH
Many hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Open House at the Town Hall this weekend and three of us were there to represent the campaign. The photos below show the three in situ and the Asset of Community Value certificate in place on a Town Hall wall.
For more info on our campaign for community ownership of the town hall and square, please visit our website and join the Facebook group.
If you’d like to take an active part in the campaign we are especially looking for:
  • someone to cast an eye over the business case with a view to improving it
  • a lawyer who could give some pro bono hours, especially if you understand property and/or OJEU
  • someone to make our Twitter and Instagram accounts humdingers
    • someone who understands buildings, an architect perhaps, or a surveyor or conservation expert
  • community and arts groups who want to join the campaign
                    then please get in touch with us at HTHAppreciationSociety@gmail.com
Many thanks

The HTHAS team

Open House day Information Sheet on the future of Hornsey Town Hall

The note below was made available for the Open House Day. More info available on the petition

Since November of last year, Hornsey Town Hall has been managed by three people as an arts centre – a wildly successful, community-loves-it Town Hall full of dance, theatre, art, music, markets, and small businesses. When they opened up spaces closed for decades, the potential of this building was revealed to thousands – a stark contrast to 20 years of neglect. Continue reading “Open House day Information Sheet on the future of Hornsey Town Hall”

A note for the attention of small business tenants in Hornsey Town Hall

Haringey Council are currently seeking to dispose of Hornsey Town Hall to developers. They will do this by putting Hornsey Town Hall, the Square and the surrounding land out for tender in the next few weeks, and expect the process to be completed by Spring 2016. Time is short for a community response. Continue reading “A note for the attention of small business tenants in Hornsey Town Hall”

The rateable value of Hornsey Town Hall

Rateable values of all properties in the UK are public knowledge. You can look at the rateable value (nowadays expressed as a council tax band) of my house if you wish – just type my post code into the Valuation Office search screen, pick my address from the list and the council tax band pops up.

Business rates are slightly more complex, but the data is still public. Continue reading “The rateable value of Hornsey Town Hall”

Hornsey Town Hall becomes an Open House

For one day each year buildings across London open usually closed doors to members of the public, and once again Hornsey Town Hall is taking part.

The organised tours of the building are limited in numbers and have already sold out, but there’s a lot else going on.

First, a question – have you signed the petition (click here) asking Haringey council to think again about the planned disposal to a commercial operator of the Hall and all the surrounding land (including the public toilets). Imagine if the developer can’t or won’t accommodate Open House, or the Crouch End Festival. Much better that the Hall remain in public hands. Over 1100 have signed already – make sure you do too.

Activities on the Day

11 a.m.

Local choir Songworks is showing solidarity with Syrian refugees by leading the community in song at 11 a.m. You can lend your voice and sing along.

12 noon ;1:30 p.m. ; 3 p.m.

illustrated talk by Steve Amor on the history of the Town Hall – no booking necessary

Stalls all day in the foyer

Hornsey Historical Society, Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society and an exhibition on HTH

In and around the hall throughout the day

art exhibition by Hornsey Town Hall artists

theatre dance event in square in afternoon

sing for syria