There have been a great many recent developments in what is a fast-moving situation.

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In what (as we’ve made clear) is a fast-moving situation, the latest/biggest news is as follows.

Aside from local councillors’ latest update – in which they characterise HTHAS as a LibDem/Ukip conspiracy group of some undefined nature – there are posts/questions about Hornsey Library as a possible venue for the soon-to-be displaced small businesses, questions about the eventual community use and access component, and oh so much more besides (also – we made the Observer!). The fun never ends.

Importantly, we’ve taken the initiative in calling for a respectful, dignified, and cautious debate around the issue of HTH. Too often we’ve seen comments that cross the boundaries of civilised discussion (on social media and elsewhere) and HTHAS have been – so far – the only campaign calling for a bit of restraint. We can disagree without being disagreeable and we all need to keep that in mind.

Here’s a quick list of the most recent and important developments

Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society was set up in order to ensure community use and access to the town hall and green in the long term.

We created Hornsey Town Hall Community Interest Company as a vehicle to provide options for long-term governance, administration and ownership for HTH. This was done in the context of London Borough of Haringey’s procurement of a development partner to deliver the regeneration of the Hornsey Town Hall site.

We have brought together many of the arts and community groups from Crouch End and beyond to agree a vision for the future of the town hall. This will be refined in partnership with developers who will be bidding for the opportunity to develop the site and the land to the rear in the coming months. We have been guided by the findings from the consultation carried out by Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust earlier in the year. After talking to hundreds of people, the main uses that people wanted to see are:

• Creative arts use
• Community facility
• Educational opportunities
• Business space

We also started a petition to demonstrate the strength of feeling for community ownership of the town hall and green. To date, it has been signed by over 2000 people, showing that there is a very high degree of local and wider support for the town hall and green to come in to community ownership in order to safeguard community use and access in the long term.

And mention must be made of Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, which has inspired us by demonstrating all that is possible in the town hall, from theatre to markets, weddings to silent discos, kids’ art workshops to micro-business incubator space, community meetings to dance classes.

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  1. Joan Lindeman said:

    This is a wonderful letter expressing exactly what I feel about the way the Town Hall should be used.
    Thank you.

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